Got it. Thank you! I love your company!

For years now, we have people who seek us out at events to get more of your lip balm. It has become our signature thing. They take 3-4 tubes to get them through until the next time they’ll see us at an event.

I really appreciate your quick response and the efforts you make to produce quality American made products. I am sure we will be in touch!

Everything looks great!
If we want to re-order…do you keep our artwork on file so we can just order and go??
Thanks for your help!!!!

Sorry to send another email. First – you’re fabulous! Second – is there any way to pay for this via credit card or will you just send a bill? Thank you again!

Just wanted to let you know that I received the pen order. They look great. Thanks so much for all of your help. It is always a pleasure working with you all. Thank you again!

This looks fantastic! I love that you were able to match up the font and incorporate the graphics from our website. You all are truly excellent! Thanks!!

Hi It’s good to go!!

We received the lip balm and really love the three versions. Thanks again. Thanks!!


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