The Access Eco Win/Win

"Promoting eco and ethically focused alternatives since 1993"

For decades, the partners at Access Eco have worked closely with a range of eco and ethically focused North American manufacturers.  It is a unique relationship in that we have grown with our manufacturers over the years.  In many cases, this has allowed us to evolve within the framework of their product lines, pricing, capabilities and services.

Our mission is simple and slightly activist: to increase the use of sustainable and renewable methods and materials, and to support innovative American manufacturing.

Public exposure to products made with environmentally sustainable methods and materials, manufactured in non-sweatshop conditions, and developed without animal testing or the misuse of chemicals is, in effect, exposure to these very real issues.  At the same time, this fosters an awareness of the alternatives available to consumers and the business community, while offering a solution to those issues.  We see this as the ultimate win/win.

Access Eco is dedicated to delivering products and service with your satisfaction guaranteed.  We view our products as if they are in competition with the mountains of non-eco options available such as plastic pens and baseball caps made “off-shore” in un-ethical working conditions.  We know that if it carries your name and logo, it has to be the best, but we also see the reputation of our environmentally focused alternatives at stake.  Our products have to perform and last.

Moreover, we understand that Earth Friendly products have a higher cost for many reasons.  Therefore, in addition to excellent quality, we set our prices to be as competitive as possible with non-eco made products and sweatshop labor.

Value comes in many forms.  Our products are of excellent quality and are made with the best resources available.  The value in having your name and logo branded on an environmentally sustainable and people friendly product goes a long way in terms of what kind of message you’re conveying.  We see it as promoting for the long term.

If we don’t have it, or can’t make it, we will help you find out who can - in the most earth friendly way possible.  We want you to keep it eco!